Training & Simulation Unit

Argotec has a long and recognized experience in various aerospace industry areas, including systems engineering, training and mission operations for the European Space Agency (ESA)

Operation Training & Simulation Unit

Argotec has a long and recognized history in various aerospace industry areas, including training and mission operations for the European Space Agency (ESA) as well as other industries or European agencies. Its certified instructors train the astronauts at the European Astronaut Centre (EAC) in Cologne and they also instruct the ground crew (the so-called flight controllers) in regards to voice protocol, ISS operations, control centres on Earth and flight rules.

Argotec aims to create new service opportunities within the space business, but also to develop many training and educational activities outside this area. Furthermore, the company provides strong expertise in systems engineering, for example designing and implementing various ground segment facilities for several operations centres and agencies.


The company provides engineering expertise in:

Argotec provides training solutions for technical training and academic learning environments. Our training skills and training techniques were acquired in several years of experience from space and defence business.

We assist our clients in selecting, developing and implementing the most effective training solutions. Argotec is able to provide expert instructors certified by NASA and ESA. We bring together traditional as well as technology based training approaches to construct blended solutions that make possible individual evolvement and contribute to overall performance. Argotec has extensive experience in space business, namely in managing simulations used to train International Space Station (ISS) controllers.

We have also developed training programs for the European Astronaut Centre (EAC). Our training methods encompass Formal/Informal Lectures , Demonstration Performances and On-Job Training Support & Evaluation.

Argotec capability covers the entire training and simulations spectrum:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Definition and development of training solutions
  • Project definition and scheduling
  • Course delivery to Flight Controllers as well as to Astronauts
  • Concept definition and implementation of Simulation
  • Students evaluation and Flight Controllers Certifications

The services provided by Argotec to support operations cover:

  • Ground and Flight Operations processes definition
  • Operations concept definition
  • Real-Time Console Operations execution
  • Ground and Flight Procedures development and validation

Argotec has extensive experience and expertise in control center operations for manned space missions. Our personnel have supported a wide range of human spaceflight missions, some of them: Marco Polo Mission, Odissea Mission, Cervantes Mission, Delta Mission, Eneide Mission and Astrolab long duration Mission.

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