Thermal Control System

Thermal control system

Argotec offers custom solutions for thermal management based on the use of passive thermal exchange devices. Efficient heat transfer is promoted by means of two phase heat transfer equipment, such as heat pipes and loop heat pipes.
Heat pipes are basically composed of sealed metal tubes that contain a small amount of working fluid. Taking advantage of the evaporation/condensation of the working fluid, the heat pipe is able to efficiently transfer heat along its body once it is mechanically and thermally connected to a hot source on one end and to a heat sink (e.g. a finned structure, a cold plate, or a radiator) on the other end.
The major advantages with respect to traditional single-phase heat transfer devices are the ability to transfer heat with a very small temperature drop and to create a nearly isothermal surface for temperature stabilization.

Main features

Passive device. They require no external power other than the heat they transfer. They have no moving parts, like mechanical pumps and fans used to circulate the working fluid in traditional systems, which make heat pipes more reliable, free of vibration and completely silent.

High thermal capability. The amount of heat that can be transported is typically several orders of magnitude greater than single phase systems for a geometrically equivalent system. Moreover heat pipes can provide essentially isothermal operation regardless of variations in the heat load.

Small system size and low weight. As the heat pipes operate in a nearly isothermal condition, they transport large amounts of heat efficiently, decreasing the overall heat transfer area and saving system weight.

Geometrical flexibility. Heat pipes are manufactured in a multitude of sizes and shapes, according to the requirements of the specific application.

The use of heat pipes is strongly recommended in any application that requires efficient heat transfer. In particular, they are suitable for thermal control in limited space, heat transfer to a remote heat sink, and spreading heat to avoide hot and cold spots, and increasing the heat transfer surface area or the effective thermal conductivity of structures. Therefore, heat pipes are attractive options in a wide range of heat transfer solutions for aerospace and ground applications: e.g. spacecraft thermal control, electronics thermal management, ice prevention systems, heating and cooling of molds, renewable energy, efficiency enhancement in domestic heating, energy recovery.

Technical specifications

Length custom
Maximum power up to 400W
Thermal resistance up to 0.01°C/W
Operative temperature -80°C /150°C


Argotec provides all the engineering services to design, develop and test heat pipe systems for custom applications.
Heat pipe systems manufactured by Argotec have been already proven on the ground as well as in space validating their operation in normal and microgravity conditions.

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