power supply unit

Power supply unit

For ARTE and ISSpresso experiments, Argotec has developed Power Supply Units (PSU) tailored to the specific mission. These PSUs have successfully flown in two International Space Station (ISS) payloads.
Solution 1 has been used for the Thermal Exchange (a.k.a. ARTE) project.
Solution 2 was developed as a PSU for the ISSpresso experiment.

Main features

Tailored for various needs. Argotec offers two solution, with 24VDC or 61VDC output. Each of these PSUs was tailored for different needs.

High power. The unit are able to provide up to 240W output.

Smart protections. Protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature, undervoltage failures.

EMC/EMI compliant. The design is compliant with NASA’s EMC/EMI requirements (compatible with MIL-STD regulations).

Both units have been used in experimental Payloads for the International Space Station program. The customer can use these units for ISS related payloads, but any other field of application is possible. For example, some applications can be:

Technical specifications

Solution 1 (ARTE) Solution 2 (ISSpresso)
Voltage output Up to 61 VDC Up to 24 VDC
Voltage input range 16 – 50 VDC 43 – 160 VDC
Output power Up to 195W Up to 240W
Protections Soft-start
EMI filter
EMI filter
Size 160×84 mm 293×101 mm
Additional features 4 PWM-controlled channels
Telemetry & status
Galvanic Isolation from input


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