Hardware Design Engineer

Reference ARG_1119: Apply for this position.

Location: Torino (Italy), Argotec Lab.


The candidate will work independently and also in a team, in order to define, design and test electronic systems for space applications. The activities will include:
• Analysis and definition of HW architecture in compliance with project requirements
• Validation of design by means of electrical simulations
• Drawing and verification of the electrical schematics
• Design of the PCBs layout
• Planning and execution of tests activity
• Analysis of the performances (efficiency, power quality, EMC/EMI)
• Sizing of electronic components based on worst case analysis (temperature, supply voltage, parameters tolerance, etc.)


• Degree: Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering (Analog/Power Electronics)
• Working experience: 2-5 years
• Age: 26-35
• High flexibility and team-working skills
• Good english level


• General electronics for analog and digital circuits design
• Power supplies architectures (e.g. linear, switching)
• Knowledge of SPICE electrical simulations
• Good knowledge of Altium electrical schematic design tool
• Good knowledge of PCB layout design (8+ layers, high-density, high-speed, length and impedance matching)
• Usage of laboratory instrumentation for prototyping and testing


• Previous experience in aerospace/space projects (industrial and/or academic)
• Design of RF electronic devices
• Knowledge of the aerospace/space standards (CCSDS, ECSS, MIL)
• Basics of electronic FMEA and FTA
• Knowledge of electromagnetic compatibility analysis
• Good knowledge of Matlab and Simulink

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